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Welcome to Adoption Greeting Cards

Adoption is a very special time and the parents, and their children, deserve all the help and support they can get.

During my personal adoption journey, I noted a general lack of online support for those thinking of adopting a child. Yes, there are adoption agencies out there to guide you through the various stages but I wanted to hear from adoptive parents who had actually been through the process. Only those who have experienced it can truly provide the practical and emotional support I would have so greatly appreciated at the time.

After I adopted my children, I received amazing support from my adoption agency and social worker, but an online community where I could share my joys, triumphs and frustrations would have  been so worthwhile.

That is why I have launched an Adoption Forum, so anyone regardless of the stage you are at on your adoption journey, can chat with and seek advice from others who have already been there and done it.

I also have an online shop selling Adoption Greeting Cards. When I adopted my children all or friends and family told me they couldn’t find any suitable cards. So we have cards to celebrate occasions such as The Panel Day, The Adoption Day and cards to send to Foster Parents and Social Workers etc.

Adoption Forum

Join our Adoption Forum and take part in the discussions, ask your own questions and have them answered by like-minded people.

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Adoption Greeting Cards

Quality greeting cards for adoption are difficult to find. Visit our shop and choose from our range of quality, hand-made adoption greeting cards.

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